First keep ready the Scan copy of Documents mentioned against (a) (b) (c) or (d) in .jpg / .jpeg Formats and then fill up the details information as mentioned below
* Minimum Requirements
(a) Require amount of Challan paid through SBI e-Pay / SBI Collect through Online Mode Only (No Bank Draft will be accepted) *
(b) Scan copy of passport size colour photograph (4.5cm x 5 cm pixel 150 less than 50 KB) and Scan copy of Signature (6 x 1.5 cm 250 pixel 20KB) *
(c) Scan copy of Pass out certificate of DMLT/DMRT and Internship Completion Cert with CLC / TSLC last attended (For New/Fresh Registration)*
(d) Scan Copy Existing Registration Certificate and Pass out certificate of DMLT/DMRT (For Renewal Registration/Duplicate Registrationss )*
Please Fill up the Following Information to apply for Fresh Registration / Renewal of Registration/ Duplicate Registration under DMLT/DMRTCouncil, Odisha
Please select the type of Registration *(Fresh/Renewal/Duplicate etc)
Please select the Course you have passed out *
Please enter Aadhar Number
Please select the Year of passing of the Course *
Please select the Name of the Institution from which you have passed out *
If select others ,please enter the Institute Name  
Enter SBI e-Pay / SBI Collect Reference No (DUXX)*
Enter SBI Bank Reference No (IGXXX)*
  (If there is no such refernce number, write same DUB number here)
Please enter the Amount Paid (INR) *
Please enter the Date of Payment *

Enter your Full Name (As per 10th certificate) *

Enter your Father Name (As per 10th certificate)*
Enter your Mother's Name
Date of Birth (As per 10th certificate) *
   (Select from the Calender)
Gender / Sex *
Please enter your Address Details *
Please enter your Contact Valid Mobile No *
Please enter your valid e-mail ID *
Examination held in the Month, Year *
(like June 2018)
(As mentioned in Pass Certificate or Regd. Cert)
Duration of the Course (From)/ Date of admision / Joining in the Training *
Duration of the Course (To)/ Date of Completion / Relieving from the Training *
Roll no issued by DMLT/DMRT Board
(For New / Fresh Registration)
Existing Registration Number given by Board
(For Renewal / Duplicate Regd. only )
Existing Registration Date
(For Renewal / Duplicate Regd. only )
Existing Registration Validity Till
(For Renewal / Duplicate Regd. only )
Name of the Examining Body / Board / University *
Date of declaration of the Result (As per certificate)
Upload your Signature *
(Scan Copy of Full SIgnature size 6 cm x 1.5 cm)
Upload your photo *
(Scan Passport colour photo size 4.5 cm x 5 cm)
Upload Scan Copy of Passout Certificate *
(For New / Renewal / Duplicate Registration only)
Upload Scan copy of Internship & CLC/TSLC *
(For New Registrations) or Existing Registratioon Certificate (For Renewal / Duplicate Registrations)